Buddha originated in India, yet Buddhism could not survive in India… This picture was taken at a Buddhist Temple in North Thailand, in the old city of Chiang Mai… This city up until the 1800s was ruled by the Burmese, until the Siamese (Thai people) conquered it to make it its own…

With awareness, what is real will grow and what is unreal will die. Awareness is what is needed to reveal the present, without it we are left with no choice but to miss reality.

When we see life as a dream. We come to a point where we clearly see beyond it, where we see life beyond its’ extremities. When we experience life, we move beyond life. When we experience its’ extremities, we move beyond its’ extremes and are thrown between them – into the middle. The farther we move to an extreme, the clearer view we have of the centre, our centre. Good and bad… Read More

Just got home, I miss it already… I miss Cuba…! Cuba, or Havana, is a place of feeling… A place full of passion… It’s like time stood still… It’s such a complicated country… This was such a unique experience… Like no other…. This was indeed the safest I have ever felt while travelling…. While comparable to Japan in safety, the Japanese do not show emotion… However the Cubans on the other hand,… Read More

There is a lot to be said about Che… I’ve read his ‘Motorcycle Diaries’, and I’m currently reading ‘Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life’…. I have already formed an opinion on him, after experiencing his legacy when in Cuba… However, for the benefit of the doubt I will finish John Lee Anderson’s book (an American) before I solidify my opinion 🙂

Made it to the Stones concert… While I came solo, what better way to enjoy a concert than with local Cubans I met along the way! 🙂 At the concert, Mick Jagger only sang… I was waiting to hear if he would have any political message for the people of Cuba… But instead, as is in Cuba, music is the only message 🙂 … If you feel the music you allow it to… Read More

Every day is new day… But here in Havana they say “every day is like yesterday”… This is the purpose of Communism, to keep everyone at the same level in society…  Where no one is allowed to succeed above another… But the system is not perfect… And neither is Capitalism… There is a distinct quality however, about Cubans that is very noticeable – they are very ‘heart’ oriented… In my experience it… Read More

It’s my 4th day in this wonderful City… I had come here with no plan, just my backpack… I wasn’t sure if I would spend a couple days in Havana then travel the country, or if I would just stay put, and immerse myself in Cuban life in it’s centre… But after a few days in Havana, I’m not going anywhere.. Each day is a new adventure, wandering wherever I feel like… Read More

Yesterday morning after my first night in Havana, I decided to take my Lonely Planet and head downtown to see some sights… I jumped in a old beat up Chevy, and headed to Parque Central where all the ‘on-off’ buses start their city tour… While I was in the taxi, two journalists jumped in.  One from LA, the other from the local Cuban TV station.  They were here to cover Obama, who… Read More

Yesterday afternoon I took a bus to Havana… Staying in Vedado… A business district and urban neighbourhood west of Old Havana Spent last night at the house of a doctor…. A colonial Mansion… Just blocks away from the Consulates… Have another night tonight… This city has more of a North American appeal than other parts of the city… My host was telling me stories about the Cuban revolution… I would tell him… Read More

Landed in Cuba yesterday, spent the first night in Metanzas…. About 30kms south of Varadero, the resort capital … Trying to stay as far away from the resorts, as possible lol 🙂 When I was booking my flight to Cuba I had intended on landing in Havana… But the price was over $300 cheaper if I instead, landed at the Varadero airport… Just outside Metanzas 🙂 Thanks to resort happy tourists… They… Read More

Bodh Gaya….  In the northeast of India in the state of Bihar…. This is the ‘Bodhi Tree’ under which Buddha had attained enlightenment over 2500 years ago… At the age of 29 Buddha left his family in Nepal… After trying many different teachers he ended up here, where with his ‘8 fold path’ he discovered ‘the middle way’ and attained enlightenment…. He stayed here for a few weeks before he made is… Read More

In my experience, one cannot be deeply aware of oneself without the awareness of breath. Our most basic need. Yoga is the oldest ‘system’ known to man. I would like to hear if anyone knows of any other – especially one that is still as relevant as Yoga is today. Yoga starts with the systemization of breath with body movement. It comes to a point where everything comes into harmony with everything……. Read More

Wow… What a CRAZY adventure! This last week has seen so much… I don’t know where to start… Except to say I’m alive 🙂 This experience is something I will never forget … There was no wi-fi above 3400m… But now I’m back in Kathmandu… And I just had my first shower in 9 days! Crazy! I only made it up to Tukla (elev 4700)… Last night was enuf… I couldn’t sleep… Read More

Arrived in Phakdin – elev 2800m… This is where the trek starts… From Lukla, it was a nice trek… it was about a few hours… It’s the easiest section of the whole trek… The nights are so cold… I’m finding electricity scarce in this country… … Last night in Kathmandu, I went to bed with my block heater on full… I woke up in the middle of the night shivering – turns… Read More

Made it to Kathmandu… There is something magical about the Himalayas… When I was on the plane, there was so much excitement when the mountain range came into view… I was lucky enough to get to sit on the right side of the plane lol… Got a nice shot of some peaks rising above the clouds 🙂 … After I landed, I was stranded at the airport for an hour… When I… Read More